Uutuutena Rais Viva L kaasutakat

New, intelligent stove from RAIS in an exquisite design

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It has never been easier to light a fire and create a cosy bonfire atmosphere in just a few seconds.The latest addition to the RAIS stove collection uses gas as fuel – and all you have to do is push the button  – CLICK – to enjoy the flickering flames.

You light the fire with just one click of the remote or your smart phone – and it is just as easy to turn the heat up or down.

The new RAIS gas stove is able to give you exactly what you are looking for. Do you want a small cosy fire? You got it! Do you want the stove to comfortably heat up your home? Just turn up the heat – and you got that too – without even having to chop firewood or removing ashes!

RAIS Viva L Gas uses bottled gas or has to be connected to the gas supply line.

To top it all off, the new RAIS gas stove offers an exceptionally clean combustion allowing you to light a fire and heat up your home with a green conscience.

– As all the other stoves in the Viva L series, the RAIS Viva L Gas is customizable and comes with a whole range of design options. You are free to choose between different heights, colours, handles and a variety of other details. To help you decide, you can visit our website and use the customizer feature to try out the many different options, explains Ann Charlotte Wellejus, marketing manager at RAIS A/S.

In other words, the customizer feature allows you to explore and experiment with the many design options and offers you the freedom to design your own favourite stove.

The RAIS Viva L Gas comes with wood-like, ceramic logs that look exactly like the real thing. The logs cover two nozzles that control the intensity of the fire. A small flame requires one nozzle, whereas both nozzles are in use, when the heat is turned up.

Use Viva L Gas as an efficient heat source or to create a cosy fireplace atmosphere. It’s up to you!

It doesn’t get any easier! Light the fire with a click of the remote.


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Rais on voittanut kansainvälisen Red Dot Award palkinnon muotoilustaan

Recognition from Red Dot for design of Danish wood-burning stove concept: The customer decides the colour, height and a number of other details…

VIVA L customized med red dot2

The Danish stove manufacturer RAIS A/S in Frederikshavn, in Northern Jutland, is both proud and pleased that the company’s newest series has attracted attention in Europe.

The organisation behind the internationally renowned Red Dot Design Award has now placed its seal of approval on the latest series of stoves from RAIS, Viva L Customized. What is unique about this series is that, for the first time ever, the user can truly adapt a stove to his or her needs and preferences. In short, they are co-designer.

The Viva L concept invites the user to be co-designer: height, colour, handle, etc.

Viva L comes in several heights, six colours, with or without side glass, with door as glass front or with steel frame, with different top panels and six handles in different designs and materials. Moreover, the user can choose automatic control of the combustion air or manual operation. This opens up for a vast number of variations.

”With this stove, we have given the customer a real possibility to individualise the product – both visually and technically. We have achieved customising as a principle – now for stoves, too. Gaining international recognition for the design on top of that, well, that just makes us even happier”, says Ann Charlotte Wellejus of RAIS.

RAIS stoves are designed in a classic modern style and feature high quality in all parameters. Viva L is the quintessence of a RAIS stove and thus a durable product with a long service life. A result of first-class design and manufacturing.

Since 1954, Red Dot Award has awarded its recognition to the crème de la crème of products, product designs and communication designs from its base in Essen, Germany.

“Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business. Our international design competition, the “Red Dot Design Award”, is aimed at all those who would like to distinguish their business activities through design. The distinction is based on the principle of selection and presentation. Excellent design is selected by competent expert juries in the areas of product design, communication design, and design concepts.
The accolade of the Red Dot Design Award, the “Red Dot”, is an internationally recognised quality label for excellent design. We offer its winners varied presentation opportunities; this includes the glamorous awards presentations, internationally distributed Red Dot Design Yearbooks, which are published by Red Dot’s in-house publishing company, Red Dot Edition, exhibitions in the Red Dot Design Museums in Essen, Singapore and Taipei, touring exhibitions around the world, the presentation on, and much more.”

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Uutuutena Harri Koskisen suunnittelemat sisustustakat!

Kansikuva Roltrade_takkaesite_A4_4s_LOWRES

Uusi sisustustakkaesitteemme on nyt julki! Esitteessä pääset tutustumaan Harri Koskisen Roltradelle suunnittelemiin tyylikkäisiin sisustustakkoihin. Klikkaa tästä, niin pääset suoraan esitteeseen.

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